• Job Cost Setup. We create "jobs" for your clients that are broken down into service "items" (such as flat-rate services or routine charges (postage, copies, mileage)). This allows for easy billing and progress tracking on the work you do for clients.
  • Billing. Using time sheets and expense receipts, we combine billable expenses and labor charges to generate a final complete bill for your clients. We can bill using the statement charge method or the invoice method.
  • Time Tracking. We can track the billable or non-billable time you, your employees, and partners and associates devote to a customer on a weekly or single-activity basis.
  • General Bookkeeping.
    • QuickBooks® Setup
    • Vendor Bills
    • Purchase Orders
    • Expense Tracking
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • File Organization
    • Lists Maintenance
    • Financial Reports

Financial Reports
  • Profit-and-Loss Report. Monitor revenue and expenses from all your jobs against their costs. Find sources for high costs.
  • Job Profit Report. Monitor revenue and expenses for each specific job. See the costs for each phase of the project.
  • Actuals-vs-Estimates Report. Check actual project costs against the budgeted costs.