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Keeping up with costs can be hassle. There's the out-of-budget charges for additional client meetings, extra supplies, or more research you suddenly need. Then there's all the tracking of expenses: the debit purchases, online payments, labor time, vendor invoices, and credit card charges. And finally, there's the invoices you need to get out to your customers.

Doing the actual labor is hard enough. Doing the accounting is a whole other burden altogether. Like a plumber doing mechanical work, he may have the knowhow, but he knows it's another job!

EG Bookkeeping Services grew out of the observed need for companies to focus on their specialty, rather than on bookkeeping. Get a better peace of mind and put all your talents and energy into your trade by hiring out your bookkeeping.

We take the weight off your shoulders. Using an integrated QuickBooks® approach, we carefully track all expenses (from whatever source) to the specific project. Our work is based on years of accounting experience in the areas of accounts payable and accounts receivable. We combine our educational background in cost accounting, and talent for problem-solving, with practical experience in the corporate and small business world to deliver to professionals a financial solution for their companies.

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