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Welcome to EG Bookkeeping Services! We help professionals with their financial management.

Recording transactions, paying bills, and invoicing customers is a daily affair. As such financial management can take precious time away from the busy professional.

Financial management shouldn't slow down, but empower a firm. Our business is to get you back to your business!

    Our Services:
  • Client Billing
  • Expense Tracking
  • Vendor Bill Processing
  • Job Cost Setup

  • QuickBooks® Setup
  • Performance Reports
  • Time Tracking
  • and more!

    Save overhead. Save time. Outsource your bookkeeping today!

  • Exclusive. We work closely and directly with small businesses. So you won't be dealing with an impersonal accounting firm or inconvenient full-service online tool.
  • Efficient. We use QuickBooks® in a virtual desktop solution. So you keep a single point for your data within reach anytime, anywhere.
  • Economical. We can work remotely on a part-time or short-term basis. So you save the overhead of a full-time, on-site bookkeeper.